DD Super light Jungle Hammock

DD Super light Jungle Hammock

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Model/Varenr.: 9913
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DD´s velkendte Jungle hammock nu i en 25% lettere version og en samlet vægt ALT inkl. på 1520 g

Med Superlight jungle hængekøjen får du et stykke multifunktions grej som giver dig mulighed for at bruge hængekøjen seperat, med myggnet og tarp eller som bivybag/enmands telt direkte på jorden.

Du får alt med du skal bruge, dobbeltbundet hængekøje, aftageligt myggenet, tarp, whoppieslings, treehuggers, karabiner Stænger som giver god plads i køjen, samt pose m.m.

Køjen måler 270 x 140 cm. 


Vægt fordeling:

  • Hammock (2 layers) + Whoopie Slings:570g
  • Myggenet: 380g
  • Tarp: 210g
  • Stænger: 210g
  • Tree Huggers, Karabiners, Elastic + Bag: 150g

English :

New DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock is now part of our SuperLight Range! 

Just released March 2015 - lighter version of our high spec modular Jungle Hammock - now 25% lighter thanks to the use of the lightest (while remaining strong) materials possible.

The DD Jungle Hammock was the end result of many hours and months of prototypes and testing and tweaking design ideas. With the full width poles at either end this hammock is incredibly spacious and comfy once inside.

It does take a little time to get to know and we recommend you read/print the instructions prior to using it. This will allow you to get the most from it.

Once you know what you're doing it is quick and easy to use and the additional features are very useful.

You have three main layers:

1. the main hammock (double layer) which comes with lightweight whoopie sling suspension attached.

2. the mosquito net which is completely removable.

3. the waterproof layer (this is removable and can be used below the hammock or above the hammock as a compact tarp).

4. It also comes with full width spreader poles making the hammock very spacious (these can also be added or removed as required).

Please see photos for some of the set-up options this hammock offers!

  • So if you are just out for the day and want a hammock you can throw in your jacket pocket, you can take just the main layer with lightweight suspension.
  • If camping in an area with insects you'll want to add the mosquito net which zips onto the main hammock.
  • The waterproof layer can be used under the hammock allowing it to be set-up as a bivi on wet ground, or it can be clipped onto the top of the hammock to be used as a tarp.

Set-ups possible:

  • With mosquito net deployed (fully insect proof)
  • Mosquito net tied above (ready to drop down/ use if needed)
  • Mosquito net removed (lie out in the sun)
  • Waterproof layer used above the hammock (used as a tarp)
  • Waterproof layer used below the hammock (used as a bivi on the ground)
  • Waterproof layers used both above and below the hammock (fully waterproof hammock)


  • Complete Whoopie Sling Suspension System attached (for faster set-up and take down) *using lighter Superlight Karabiners (8g each) instead of the slightly heavier karabiners used in our normal Whoopie Sling Suspension System.
  • Full width spreader poles making the hammock very spacious
  • Two layer design that allows insulation such as thermarest/ camping mat to be inserted between the layers in cold weather
  • 1 x 3m guy line (to use as a ridgeline)
  • 2 x 2m Elastic Cord (to keep mosquito net up)
  • Waterproof layer

Weight breakdown:

  • Hammock (2 layers) + Whoopie Slings:570g
  • Mosquito Net: 380g
  • Waterproof Layer: 210g
  • Poles: 210g
  • Tree Huggers, Karabiners, Elastic + Bag: 150g